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LogoNEUROFORMA* - an innovative device for exercising motor and cognitive functions created by neurorehabilitation and neuropsychology experts.

Neuroforma teaches, leads, supports
Neuroforma teaches, leads, supports
Neuroforma teaches, leads, supports

*Includo is an official world distributor of Neuroforma.
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Neuroforma teaches, leads, supports

Neuroforma is the most complete virtual reality rehabilitation system in the world

with dedicated versions for clinics, therapists with their own practice, and patients.


subtitles in English available

Neuroforma can improve:

motor functions

- movement precision, eye-hand coordination, joint mobility, upper limb muscle strength and muscle tone

cognitive functions

- perception and decision making processes, attention and memory

relaxation functions

- breathing, focusing, soothing

Neuroforma Features:

a woman exercising using the mirror therapy in Neuroforma
  • 4 different activity modules
  • over 100 exercise combinations
  • customizable exercise sessions
  • data logs with graphs and statistics for each patient
  • immediate feedback
  • simple and intuitive interface
  • text and video directions for each exercise
  • versions optimized for patients, therapists, and clinics
a man exercising with a boxing activity

Rehabilitation activities in Neuroforma include:

upper limb tracking




body core balancing


Neuroforma benefits


those that want:

  • more satisfied patients
  • better therapeutic results
  • patients recommending your clinic
  • efficient and intuitive high technology support
  • assessments and therapy for non-verbal patients with physical concerns
Neuroforma for Centers

Neuroforma benefits:

  • neurological clinics and hospitals
  • post-trauma wards
  • children's hospitals
  • PT/OT university programs
  • special needs programs


those that want:

  • patients to be grateful for your support
  • a lasting relationship with your patients
  • patients to stay focused
  • patients to follow up on the exercises at home
  • technology-enhanced therapy
Neuroforma for Therapists

Neuroforma benefits:

  • neurotherapists
  • physical therapists
  • occupational therapists
  • neuropsychologists
  • educational counselors


those that want to exercise:

  • with ease
  • with unparalleled pleasure and comfort
  • with smile and high motivation
  • with great results
Neuroforma for Patients

Neuroforma benefits:

  • people with neurological and neurophysical conditions and traumas e.g. SM, ALS,
  • ataxia, Huntington’s disease, stroke, Cerebral palsy,
  • hemiplegia, paraplegia and tetraplegia,
  • brain injuries, physical dysfunctions resulting from accidents.


Choose a version that works best for you

Smiling girl


Operations without internet connectivity

Close to 30 activity modules

Multiple patients accounts

Data records for each patient

Automatic height adjustment (sitting or standing position)

Three-dimensional real-time posture correction

Background curtain

Mirror therapy module

Palm grip recognition activity module


Easy and quick installation

Operations without internet connectivity

More than 25 activity modules

Multiple patients accounts

Data records for each patient

Exercise parameter adjustment module


Easy and quick installation

Intuitive operation

More than 20 activity modules

Practice session module

Clear progress indicators


Best eye tracking system in the world

Intuitive hands-free operation and communication

Specially selected cognitive activities

Practice session module

Data records for each patient


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